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November 2018 

CNNS was a great success! 80+ attendees, 10 contributed talks, 11 posters, and 3 excellent keynotes. see you all next year! 

paper on current challenges in the science of consciousness (first author: Matthias Michel) is out in Frontiers in Psychology: Consciousness research

Vanessa Ceja and Mehdi Orouji *officially* join the lab!

October 2018 

welcome to PhD student Kimia Yaghoubi!

welcome to rotation students Shaida Abachi, Vanessa Ceja, Shaurov Das, and Mehdi Orouji!

we continue to prep for the Computational Neuroimaging and Neuroengineering Symposium, next month here at UCR.

September 2018 

Megan gives a talk at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience in Berlin, Germany.

Megan gives a talk at the Sackler Center for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK.

paper with Ling Qi Zhang and Ladan Shams is accepted for publication at PeerJ!

August 2018 

Megan spends 2 weeks in Japan at ATR visiting collaborators in the Department of Decoded Neurofeedback.

Megan teaches at the Computational Sensory Motor (CoSMo) summer school with Larry Maloney, hosted by Konrad Kording, Gunnar Blohm, and Paul Schrater.

July 2018 

with Brian Maniscalco, Brian Odegaard, and Jorge Morales, Megan receives a subaward via Duke University SSNaP from the Templeton Foundation for the collaborative project titled "The functions of consciousness: on the initiation of action".

paper with JD Knotts and Hakwan Lau is accepted at Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics!

Olenka, Tammi, and Kendrick join the lab!

June 2018 

Megan & Brian Odegaard teach a workshop on computational modeling at the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC) annual meeting in Krakow, Poland.  Megan also gives a talk there.

Megan receives a UCR Omnibus Travel Only Award to present the project titled "Decoding the neural correlates of objective versus subjective perception using human intracranial electrocorticography" at ASSC.

Megan receives a UCR Regents Faculty Fellowship for the project titled "Cross-Species Universalities in Uncertainty Computations".

Megan chairs the UC Systemwide Bioenginering Symposium Neuroengineering track here at UCR.

May 2018 

Megan & Kalina Michalska (UCR Psychology) receive a UCR Research and Development Collaborative Seed Grant, titled "Neural representation overlap may underlie abnormal fear learning in anxious youth." find out about 2018 funded programs here.

March 2018 

Megan gives a talk at the COSYNE workshops in Breckenridge, CO.

Megan receives a UCR Teaming Mini-Grant with co-PIs Xiaoping Hu, Aaron Seitz, Ed Korzus, Eddie Zagha, Khaleel Razak, and Amit Roy-Chowdhury, for the project entitled "Southern California Computational Neuroimaging and Neuroengineering Symposium".  we'll run the symposium in the fall here at UCR.

January 2018 

new paper on decoding monkey superior colliculus with first author Dr. Brian Odegaard is out in PNAS!

Brian Maniscalco joins the lab!

November 2017 

Megan presents at the Real-Time Functional Neuroimaging and Neurofeedback conference in Nara, Japan.

December 2017 

Megan gives a keynote talk at the Hong Kong Cognitive Science Meeting.

July 2017 

Siva joins the lab!

this is the very beginning of the lab!